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One Fear

from Killing Lions by Déjà



Recorded 11-27 to 12-1


"I don't have a whole list of my fears man, I gave you one fear."

"Masks... why? Umm.. I don't know... My dad popped out at me with a mask when I was two and I've been scared of them ever since."
"I'm afraid of the ocean... you know, like sharks... Umm... Oh, the dark. The dark scares me like, oh my God, like there's no friggin tomorrow. Hahaha...."
"Heights... it makes me want to vomit. Scared. Scream like a little girl."
"I... don't know. Flies. Flies. Because they're scary looking."
"My hand breaking. Because then I can't draw... Clowns. Except for hobo clowns. Hobo clowns are ok. But... the whole, face paint, classic clown..."
"...being held down, pretty much, and being hurt, and not being able to do anything about it. And... I guess natural disasters, because they're uncontrollable. So, that's it."
"I'm afraid of... bridges during traffic, 'cause I'm scared that the bridge is gonna break and that we'll fall off the bridge or something. Umm... I don't like spiders very much"
"Needles... clowns... feet... chickens... spiders... Because... Needles make me pass out, feet are creepy, chickens are mean, clowns are creepy... spiders are, I can't describe it... crawlyness. " "Crawlyness?" "Crawlyness".


from Killing Lions, released February 8, 2010
Vocal Samples, in order: Matthias Borham, Erin Edwards, Hunter Tomlinson, Justin Bell, Wesley Robison, Dennis Tierney, John DiMichael, Caleb Stevenson, and Hannah Maxwell


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